How do I make an exchange?

1. You must register an account on our site.
2. Open the Foreign Exchange Account section.
3. Select the currency you want to exchange.
4. Press the Deposit button.
5. Click the Get deposit address button.
You will be given a personal deposit wallet for the cryptocurrency of your choice.
6. Refill your deposit wallet with the amount you need to exchange.
7. Go to the Spot Trading section.
8. In the Giving section, select the currency you deposited.
9. Under "Receiving" select the currency you want to receive after the exchange.
10. Enter the amount you need to exchange.
11. Click the exchange button.
12. Go to the Currency account section.
13. Select the currency you received after the exchange.
14. Click the Output button.
15. Select the chain by which you should receive the funds.
16. Fill in the recipient's details.
Recipient details are: if you are withdrawing cryptocurrency, this is the address of the recipient's cryptocurrency wallet, if withdrawing fiat currencies, this is the number of the card or wallet number.
17. Enter the amount of withdrawal.
18. Press the Output button

Funds will be sent to the recipient's details within 5-15 minutes.